Precursor Ringworld


Their are five Ringworlds that have been discovered so far. All of them are belived to have been created by the mysterious Precursors. It is unknown when they were created or what is the power source the inables the jump gates that allows a small amout of trade between the Ringworlds.

Ringworld 1 Located in the
G2 Star
Radius: 90 million miles diameter
Circumference: 510 million miles
Width: 650,000 miles

Ringworld 2 Located in the Terran
G3 Star
Radius: 95 million miles diameter
Circumference: 597 million miles
Width: 950,000 miles

Ringworld 3 Unknown Location
Radius: 111 million miles diameter
Circumference: 605 million miles
Width: 1.1 million miles

Ringworld 4 Located in the Badlands.
G3 Star
Radius: 97 million miles diameter
Circumference: 613 million miles
Width: 750,000 miles

Ringworld 5 Unknown Location
G0 Star
Radius: 85 million Miles
Circumference: 485 million miles
Width: 575,000 million miles


Precursor Ringworld

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